Gift Certificates & Pricing

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for purchase both in store and online.

For online purchases, click the image below to purchase an online gift certificate. Your gift certificate will be emailed to you once you complete your purchase. If you experience any difficulty in receiving the gift certificate, please call us immediately at (309)662-2900.


Limited time offer for Float and Infrared Sauna Services

Any Float and/or Sauna appointment will receive a 15% discount when combined with a massage on the same day! The discount can only be used for a single client and same day services. Packages for the float and sauna will not apply. Discount will be applied at checkout. Please book online or call Aches Away at (309) 662-2900 for assistance.


Starting on April 15th, Aches Away will begin requiring a credit card for all online appointment requests.
We apologize for this inconvenience.

Standard Massage Session Pricing

Current Price
30 Minute Massage $45
45 Minute Massage $60
60 Minute Massage $80
75 Minute Massage $95
90 Minute Massage $110
120 Minute Massage $150
Aromatherapy can be added to ANY massage for $10
Couples Massage (same pricing as single massage, scheduled in one room, please call to schedule)

*Couples and multi-party massages will require a credit card to be held on file. If the massage session is cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment, the card on file will be charged 50% of the total session(s) price.

You do not need to know what type of massage you need to meet your goals – that is our job! You can simply fill out our online client information sheet before your visit or complete the form on-site right before your appointment. The client information sheet will give your therapist an understanding of your specific needs and goals. Your therapist may use a combination of massage styles within a single session to achieve the best result for you. However, to give you a general idea of the types we offer visit massage therapy.

We offer couples massage. Couples can share one large massage room or schedule sessions separately. We may require a credit card to hold this room and two therapists on our schedule, as missed appointments are very costly for our therapists.

Specialty Massage Session Pricing

Our massage therapy staff provides a broad range of massage modalities based on their education and interests. Below are some examples of specialty massage services. These massage types require therapist to acquire additional certifications and may require additional work before and after client appointments. Therefore the cost is higher.

This is not an all-inclusive list. If you have questions about additional types of massage, or have trouble finding a therapist in our online booking system that performs a specific type of massage, please call for assistance.

Specialty Massage Options Current Price
Hot Stone Massage $100 (60 Min) / $130 (90 Min)
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage $100 (60 Min) / $130 (90 Min)
Cupping $65 (30 Min) / $100 (60 Min) / $130 (90 Min)
Biomagnetic Cupping $65 (30 Min) / $100 (60 Min) / $130 (90 Min)

Float Sessions

First Time Customer Starter Pack (3 – 60 minute floats) $135
60 Minute Float $60
90 Minute Float $90
120 Minute Float $120
5-Pack Frequent Floater $250
10-Pack Frequent Floater (or float 10 times after your Starter Pack and get your #11 on us!) $500

Sauna Sessions

1 - Guest 2 - Guest (Limit)
30 Minute Sauna $20 $30
40 Minute Sauna $25 $40
60 Minute Sauna $35 $55
Sauna Package of 10 (40 min sessions) $225