About Us

Don Thorpe's (Founder) Massage Approach

After being a personal trainer for a few years, I began to realize that health is a holistic approach. While components like working out and nutrition are huge steps in the right direction - there is a lot more to it! Over the years, I've read research from many professionals in the field who all seemed to give accolades to the results that could be had using manual therapy (massage).

My education in the different types of massage we offer began with a 4-year apprenticeship under Tracy Jones at Bodywork Massage Specialists. Tracy not only owned the Bloomington/Normal based business for 8 years but also taught St. John’s Neuromuscular Therapy seminars around the country. His focus was on treating patients with acute or chronic pain.

When Tracy decided to close his business to pursue teaching massage full time, I had the unique opportunity to open Aches Away Massage Specialists while retaining loyal clientele, adding therapists, and growing our business.

Our Mission

Our mission at Aches Away is simple to state but hard to accomplish. We want to help people feel better. Through massage therapy, for over 13 years, we have been able to help a wide variety of people. Our clients come to us with everything from chronic pain and athletic injuries to relaxation and sleep issues.

In 2017, we decided to expand our services to offer float therapy and infrared sauna therapy. These services compliment massage and we hope to be able to help even more people by offering more options to reduce pain and improve overall health. Everyone deserves to be their best self and when Aches Away can be a part of that we are fulfilling our mission.